10 Times Bathroom Graffiti Made People Laugh


Let’s just say that we do not condone vandalism in the slightest. However, there’s not much to be done about bathroom vandalism, considering there are not, and should not be cameras in there. And boy, do people take advantage of that fact!

1) Just Do It

Source: Instagram
This one should be considered prophetic. We will always eat burritos and now we have an excuse. A bathroom wall told us to do it so we don’t waste our lives.


2) Don’t Use Those

Source: Tumblr
If you see this, you’ll be “torn” between tearing it off and putting it in your pocket and not touching it because someone did this while on the pot. Tough choice.


3) He Isn’t Wrong

Source: Reddit
Jack Black is a funny, likable guy so this is completely true. If you don’t subscribe to JablinskiGames then why even have a YouTube account?


4) Love Your Lumps

Source: Reddit
The best part of this is Lumpy Space Princess or LSP from Adventure Time. She loves her loves and you should too. Don’t listen to the haters, listen to LSP.


5) He Sure Is

Source: Toilet Trolls
This tile cat is watching you and he is loving it. But you can’t blame him, all cats enjoy doing this, it’s in their nature. They are just wondering why you don’t use the litterbox.


6) Nothing to Lose

Source: Bored Panda
Another sound piece of advice from someone doing their business before you. Hope they remember their paperwork! As for you, well, you know exactly what to do!


7) Choose Wisely

Source: Reddit
If I were you, I’d go for that red pill. After all, it actually kills germs and it makes you feel like you can get all of the “public restroom” off of you. You can’t, it’s just an illusion.


8) Just Be Pepperoni

Source: Instagram
If you could please just stop not being pizza, the world would be a better place. Although, it would be pretty awkward if you actually were a pizza. No one is eating that.


9) And Prosperous

Source: Reddit
This is a great philosophy. Toilet paper is so useful and everyone is sad when it’s gone. It’s the first thing to go on the shopping list and the last thing to be forgotten.


10) Get That Checked Out

Source: Reddit
If this is you, then you need to go to the doctor. It’s of great concern when your urine smells like food. But in theory, this is hilarious, though you should feel bad for laughing


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