10 All Too Common Makeup Mistakes


Ever since YouTube became the central repository for all of humankind’s knowledge, every guy and girl with a makeup brush has been filming their own how-to tutorial. That’s both a good and bad thing.

It’s good, because we no longer have to go through that ugly trial and error phase to make ourselves look halfway decent. Just buy whatever they’re using, and follow along to the video!

But, if you learn how to apply makeup the wrong way by a beauty guru who doesn’t know any better, then the cycle of makeup mistakes continues to perpetuate, just like the 10 ones listed right here.

1) Putting On Too Much Foundation

Source: Instagram/hairdyingathome
Don’t cake on the foundation like the Beauty Gurus of YouTube show you how to do in their makeup tutorials! All that special lighting they use makes their skin and pores look flawless, but that illusion unravels as soon as they walk out the door and out into the real world.To keep your makeup looking natural, use a light touch and apply it to the areas that you’re most concerned about, such as under your eyes, nose, and cheeks. Blending, not caking, is the key to a flawless face!


2) Using The Wrong Eyeliner

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Although black eyeliner looks great on darker complexions, a thick and heavy cat-eye look is not for everyone. If you’re pale as a ghost, it’ll just make you look like you’re wearing theatrical makeup!Here are some helpful eyeliner tips:

  • Lighter complexions should stick with brown liner.
  • Pick a lighter, more subtle shade if you line underneath your eyes.
  • Use a nude liner on your waterline – black will just make your eyes look smaller.
  • For a more natural look, line 3/4 of the upper lid and skip the inner corners.
  • Use pencil or kohl liners – they look more natural and you can blend them, unlike liquid liners. Or better yet, just use eyeshadow to line your lids!


3) Too Much Mascar

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If you want eyelashes that look longer, fuller, and downright flirty, then don’t apply more than two coats. Otherwise, you’ll end up with that clumpy, spider lash look.


4) Ditch The Shimmery Shadows!

Source: Instagram/uniquebeautybyjessy
Shimmery and glittery eyeshadows may look glamorous on Instagram, but in real life it can emphasize wrinkles and crepey eyelids, making you look older than you want to.You can still add a little bit of glam, just reserve the shiny stuff for the inner corner of your eye and use matte shades on the rest of your lids.


5) Unnatural Eyebrows

Source: Instagram/nathya19
Remember when pencil-thin eyebrows were all the rage? Now it seems like everyone is penciling in heavy, perfectly shaped caterpillars on their foreheads!If you want your brows to look fuller, use an angled brush dipped in powder to fill in what you’re lacking – with a light touch, of course!If you’re lost and clueless as to what your brows are supposed to look like, visit a professional to get the perfect shape that flatters you. And remember, “natural” never goes out of style.


6) Concealer Confusion

Source: Instagram/saceladycosmetic
Are you supposed to apply your concealer before your foundation, or the other way around? All the beauty advice out there can be so confusing, but it all boils down to which type of foundation you’re using.If you’re using a powder foundation, apply the concealer first. If you apply it after the fact, the concealer will look mottled and clumpy.Here’s another concealer tips to live by:Don’t slather it directly onto onto your dark circles – it’ll just make you look older! Instead, put a few drops on top of your cheekbone (just beneath the undereye area) and gently blend upwards.


7) Not Blending Everything

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Blending can make the difference between a beautiful makeup job and one that looks like it was done while you were half-asleep and applying it in the dark.Special brushes and egg-shaped sponges are popular choices for blending away the harsh lines on your face. And don’t forget that you can also use fingers as a blending tool – just make they’re clean to prevent blemishes.There are a ton of tutorials out there that can show you how to blend makeup the right way. Watch and learn, ladies!


8) Using Terrible Lighting

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When it comes to looking gorgeous, lighting can have just as much of an affect on your looks as the makeup itself. For example, have you ever noticed how terrible you look under the “cool” fluorescent lights of a public restroom?Applying your makeup next to a window with natural light is best, but when cloudy outside, a “warm” white light from an LED source is a good substitute. It can mimic the color spectrum of natural sunlight and evenly distribute the “rays” across your entire face.


9) Applying Makeup On Dry Skin

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Smooth, moisturized skin is critical to making sure that your makeup looks like a masterpiece every single time! Remember, your face is a canvas, and you don’t want to “paint” over something that’s dull, cracked, and tired looking.


10) Over-washing Your Face

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Most people have a twice-daily face washing routine, but what you remove all the dirt and makeup with is just as important as how many times a day you wash your face.Harsh cleansers, soaps, and scrubs that strip away the beneficial oils your skin naturally produce can leave it looking dry and flaky. If you want naturally glowing skin, then treat your face like a baby’s bottom and only use products with gentle ingredients!



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